Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tesco UK - Masses of Savings Online

UK promo. I buy my own cat food here. Lots of genuine discounts for cat food. Very well worth while shopping at Tesco online.

This is the page. You will see lots to choose from. Time limited but live as at the date of this post.

Pets at Home Pet Insurance Deals

UK promo. This is a multi-discount offer. You can use a £20 voucher for every policy. In addition Pets at Home offer the following:

This is the page to go to.

Pet Supermarket $2 Off $10 Purchase

This is a follow up to the $5 off a $25 purchase. This is a printable coupon. And this is the page to go to.

Pet Supermarket $5 Off $25 Purchase

PetScoop exclusive printable coupon worth $5 if you purchase $25 or more worth of products. This is the page. Lasts until 10th September 2011.

Hill's Special Offers Including Free Starter Kits

Hill's® are doing their usual thing and offering discounts including free Starter Kits. One is for your cat’s thyroid health and the other is for Science Diet® Weight Loss System. This is the page to go to.

Blue Dog Bakery Printable Coupon

Blue Dog Bakery® are currently offering $1.00 off any ONE (1) box of Blue Dog Bakery treats. This is the page. You need to download some software but it looks OK. The coupon is printable.

Purina Pet Food Coupons and Offers

Here is a page full of Purina® pet food coupons and offers. Nice to see. Not sure of the time limits. This is the page. Live at the time of this post.

Pedigree Coupons on eBay

You can't ignore eBay for pet coupons.  Of course it does mean someone thinks it is better to sell them rather than use them.

Here is a nice list of Pedigree coupons on eBay.

Another Hartz Printable Coupon

Yep here is another printable coupon from Hartz Crunch 'n Clean™. This time it is worth 50 cents. Money is money.

This is the page.

Hartz Printable Coupon

Hartz Crunch 'n Clean™ $1 printable coupon on their website. Go here please. A great money saving offer. Time limited offer I am sure.