Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Petsmart $5 coupon on $25 Purchase

This page from the printable coupons website has a coupon worth $5 from Petsmart that is usable until 28th August 2011 for purchases of $25 or more. The web page is a PDF file by the way.

Petsmart 20% Coupon on Pet Training

The coupons on this page have expired bar one that is still alive! It is a 20% discount coupon for new customers who want to participate in Petsmart Pet Training.

This is the page.

Pets at Home Three for Two Deals

There are three for two deals on certain products at Pets at Home. I was in the store the other day and bumped into a nice deal on Hills light (c/d). I think you have to go to the store and wander around. These are very handy discounts though. Not sure how long they will last for but definitely worth a look.

On their website they have a page on 3 for 2 deals.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

$8 dollar Iams Cat Food Coupons for Free!

Yep..these are free coupons. There are ten of them so you get $80s worth of coupons for free. It's on eBay. The catch? You have to pay the guy for handling etc. That is fair. Long life coupons: The coupons all expire 12/31/11.

The auction expires in 7 hrs! This is the page. Current bid is US $9.59.

IAMS Cat Food Coupons for 20 lb Bags

There are eight coupons for sale on eBay for $13.50 each. They get you a free 20 lb bag of Iams cat food (dry cat food). These bags sell for approx. $30 each it appears, so big savings - potentially = $136! But check yourself. No guarantees from me! Check dates. The seller has 100% positive feedback.

This is the page to go to.

50% Discount on Old Print

This is a nice 1877 print with a cat in it. The discount price is attractive. This is a UK product.

22% Off Supa Turtle Terrapin Food Super 60g

22% Off Supa Turtle Terrapin Food Super 60g at Net Pet Shop (UK outlet).

This beats Amazon by a considerable amount.

This is the page.

10% Off Hills Prescription Diet M/D Feline Cat Food 5kg

This appears to be a genuine discount. You can't tell sometimes because reference to RRP is misleading as all outlets discount from RRP.

30% Off Dog Toothbrush & Toothpaste Dental Kit Petosan

At the time of this post Amazon are offering 30% discount on this product.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Monday, 1 August 2011

Whiskas Offers and Coupons

Whiskas have two offers currently on their website.
  1. Buy any one of our six tray entrées and get one free;
  2. Save $1 on any of our other Purrfectly® or Whiskas® Dry EntrĂ©es.
This is the page to go to.