Saturday, 30 July 2011

Save 10% on order of $60 or more

Save 10% on your order of $60 or more! Enter code SALETEN at checkout. You can see the promo banner on this page.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Tesco Direct eCoupon Codes

UK promo. Tesco Direct are offering a range of coupons some of which are applicable as pet coupons.

This is the page.

Tesco eCoupon

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

PetFoodDirect and Purina Discount and Free Shipping

Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement bought at PetFoodDirect qualifies for a17% discount from "retail price" plus you can throw in free shipping.

This is the page.

Free at Zooplus Royal Canin Cat Food

The food is not free! Of course not, but there is something inside it that is free apparently. A bag - Cheese Cat Toy Box free! - containing cat toys.

This is the page to go to.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Felix Senior and Kitten Cat Food 25% Off

UK. This is one of those real Tesco savings. I buy my cat food online at Tesco incidentally because of the value for money.

You get a 25% (one quarter off) discount on senior and kitten cat food in pouches (12 packs). This is probably the best way to store cat food as it lasts a long time and the portions are about the right size.

Scroll down this page.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Felix Canned Cat Food at Tesco Savings

UK promo. Six cans of Felix cat food for £3.25 when you buy two six packs (total price £6.50).  Valid until 2/8/2011.

This is the page.

Ebay Pedigree Coupons for Sale

If you can buy at the right price it must be a way of getting discounted pet food. Go to this page on Ebay to see Pedigree coupons.

Pedigree Dog Food

Printable $1 off pet coupon for Pedigree dog food. You save $1.00 when you buy any one bag of new PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs (8.8 lbs or larger). They claim it is their best dog food ever.

This is the page to go to.

You can also sign up for the usual offers etc. Although the coupon is not dependent on a sign up.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Hills Cat Food 3 for 2

UK. Just been to the local pets at home store and there are bargains to be had. Lots of Hills cat food at three for two deals. You pay the cost of two 1.5 kg packets and pay for two, for example. This is cheaper than buying in very large bags. Just bought three 1.5 kg Hills c/d for the price of two.

This is the page.

Free Delivery on everything at

What is says on the tin. There are some nice deals as well. This is the page to go to.

Scalibor Collar at

Scalibor Collar at MedicAnimal™.com. Buy two and get 20% off second one. This is a UK promo. Protects against ticks and sand flies (and more? not sure).

This is the page. Buy online. There is free delivery on everything.

Dog Treats Chews & Biscuits at Tesco

Tesco special offer
Dog Treats Chews & Biscuits at Tesco under special offer. Spend over £10 or more on Pet Foods to receive a 5p off per litre coupon. Valid until until 30/7/2011.

This is the page.

Tesco Fleece Pet Blanket Half Price

Tesco online (UK) - Tesco Fleece Pet Blanket -- Special Offer -- Half Price Was £3.99 Now £1.99 valid from 30/6/2011 until 2/8/2011

This is the page.

Tesco Small Animals Savings

Another UK promo at Tesco online. Spend over £10 or more on Pet Foods to receive a 5p off per litre coupon. valid from 17/7/2011 until 30/7/2011.

This is the page.

TSC Savings

Not earth shattering but a saving nonetheless. TSC are offering a 5% saving on orders over $100. The code is FIVEOFF.

You can see it under the header to their website. Enter FIVEOFF in the "Coupon Code" section of the Shopping Cart.

TSC five off

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pet Supermarket Coupon

Pet Scoop are running a $2 off a $10 purchase (or more) for Pet You don't have to sign up! There is a form on the page to allow you to make a gift to someone else of the coupon.

This is a printable coupon and the coupon is on this page.

Pet Food Direct 27% Discount Greenies

Pet Food Direct are offering Greenies Regular Size Dog Chew Treats at a 27% discount as at the date of this post.

This is the page.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

20% Off Catsan Cat Litter 10 Litres at Tesco

Another nice discount of 20% from Tesco on cat litter at Tesco. This is an internet exclusive. Valid until 2nd August 2011. This is the page to go to.

Over 25% Discount at Tesco on Dreamies Cat Treats

Savings at Tesco
Dreamies cat treats now £1 down from £13.6. This is a UK promo - guess you guessed that! Great savings of over 25%. I would put these saving together with some other savings on pet food at Tesco. This would take into account the delivery cost (£4.50). The savings on large orders provide great savings even when the delivery charge is taken into account. Delivery is very handy on large heavy orders of pet food.

This is the page.

Valid until 27th July 2011.

Butchers Chunks Dog Food 25% Discount at Tesco

Tesco savings
Another really nice Tesco promotion of dog food. This is an online store. Ordering is easy. Buy in bulk. Delivery saves carrying a lot of heavy dog food! Save 25% of usual price. Valid until 2nd August 2011.

This is the page to go to.

Purina One Cat Adult Dry Food 25% Off at Tesco

Purina One Cat Adult Dry Food (variety of types) is being offered at substantially discounted prices at Tesco (UK online store) until August 2nd 2011.

It pays to track Tesco UK for good savings. This is the page - scroll down. You will need to sign up to Tesco though but I don't consider that much of a hardship.

Delivery charges are about £5 (can be £4.50 at date of this post). You should buy in bulk therefore. This is possible with dry cat food. Dry cat food should not be the sole diet of a cat incidentally.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Free shipping statewide on orders over $14.99 (and £9.99 in the UK) for three days from the date of this post if you use this code: Use Code: SALEFS.

This is an international company. The promo apples to USA and UK.

This is the USA site.

This is the UK site. Coupon have a three day 15% off coupon promo. There has got to be some nice pet posters etc. on this site.

This is the page to go to. promo - screenshot - not useable.

This is a UK promo.

Tesco Sheba 27% Disount

Another one of those juicy Tesco deals that saves about 27% off the usual purchase price. Check out the page. The product is Sheba Desire Fish Fillets In Jelly 8X85g. High quality cat food. If your cat is a princess, go for it.

Tesco Buy One Get One Free

This discount deal concerns Iams Cat Food - it's dry cat food actually. UK deal. Great deal that last until 19th July so you have a week to get shopping!

This is the page. There are other deals on this page with lots of savings.

Fresh Step Reward Points

This is one of those, join-the-club schemes. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Why not?

If you register with Fresh Step® - joint the club for cats - you can earn reward points which means saving money on your purchases.

This is the page to go to.

You can earn double points when try Fresh Step® Extreme.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula

Once again I must praise (USA market). They do great deals and free shipping on orders over $25.

This is probably or possibly the best price at 31% discount + free shipping for this product. Newman's make excellent pet food. There canned cat food ranks high in surveys and this product gets 95 4.5 ratings on Amazon (beware though of paid for reviews).

Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food

Be careful when shopping online. The prices vary enormously. I have taken as one example: Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, 3-Flavor Seafood Variety Pack, 3-Ounce Cans. There are many online retailers that sell this product. The prices range from, $10 to $27.99! These are excluding delivery.

Buying online can save big even when you include delivery because you get good discounts. If you buy in bulk that more than covers the delivery charges. On the featured product you get free shipping on orders over $25.

One of the best discounts can be had at Amazon. See the advert on this page. When you include free shipping this is the best deal. The saving product price is 39% on RRP.

Friday, 8 July 2011

PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer Huge Discount

Another USA and Canadian retail product. This is a nice substitute to clipping a cat or dogs claws. More useful for cats as their claws are sharper and used as a defense weapon. Avoid declawing cats please....Elisa writes about this or a similar product.

This discount is massive - 80%. List price: $19.99 - retail price: $3.97.

This is a sensible product.

Ideal Pet Products Discount Pet Door

This is product sold at - north American market. It is a pet door and it accommodates cats and dogs to 25lb.

The discount is very substantial. I tried to check what other sites sell this product for and failed to get a cross check.

Taking what Amazon say on face value and as true this is a 57% discount on a nice product:

List price $175.50 - discount price: $75.85. Click on the image to go to Amazon.

Pet Toys Buy Two Get One Free

This is a UK, Pets at Home promotion. It's a "bulk buy save". You buy two toys and you get the third for free.

Pets at Home bulk buy and save.

This is the page to go to.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dog Food Coupons

Over 50 dog food coupons for Dingo Dog treats for $1.00 off. This is the eBay page.

eBay 51 Coupons for Blue pet food items $144.33 in savings!

Have a look, I would. You decide. But there are potential savings. The seller says, "This is a $144.33 savings"...but it depends, surely, on the cost of these coupons. I suspect though that they will go relatively cheaply. I think you can buy them now for $2!! Go for it.

In which case you get big time savings which will be particularly attractive if you normally buy Blue pet food.

This is the ebay page. Coupons expire 7/30/11 - this is USA pet food please note.

This is the Blue Buffalo page.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pet Food Express buy three and get fourth free

At the date of this blog post, pet food express® are offering buy 3 sizes or formulas within any listed brand and get the fourth free.

I'll let you read all the "rules" as they are a bit complicated.

This is the page to go to.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bakers Dental Dog Treats 25% Savings

Just spotted this UK Tesco promo. They do these regularly. You save 25% on a range of Bakers Dental dog treats. The offer expires on the 12th July 2011.

This is the page to go to.
Bakers Dental Delicious

Doctors Foster and Smith Pet Supplies Sale

There are a ton of pet products for sale online at the Doctors Foster and Smith® pet supplies store at the date of this post. This is a USA business. Sale prices up to 40% off. Some very useful products so some good savings to be had if you were going to buy these products anyway.

But don't buy something at a discount just because it is at a discount. This is the page.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Iams $35 rebate on adopting a pet

A USA scheme. Iams have gone into partnership (it appears) with the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter which Iams call Iams® Home 4 the Holidays®. You can adopt a pet through them and if you do you are given a $35 rebate.

You have to sign up. I will leave it to you to discover the fine points of this and perhaps you might leave a comment.

This is the page. Look for H4TH in the lower, center of the page.

Purina Beta Puppy Food Promotion

UK promotion offered by established online retailer GJW Titmuss Ltd. You buy one packet of Purina Beta puppy dry food and get the second bag at half price. It applies to 15 kg bags of dry puppy food such as lamb and rice.

This is the page to go to.

Daily Mail Rewards Club £5 Coupons

This is a UK promo run by a well known national newspaper. Obviously there is a trade off. They get you to buy the paper on Saturday and Sunday and you can join their Rewards Club and start getting your hands on vouchers (coupons) for £5 discounts in stores which sell products that include those related to pets.

OK - this is the page to go to to get started.

If you already buy the Mail at the weekend then this is all upside. No effort needed other than to go online and follow their instructions. The Mail's readership is predominantly women, I believe, and women are predominantly cat lovers so their is a nice match up.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Whole Life Pets First Order Promotion

Whole Life Pets give a 10% discount on your first order. You have to sign in though...the usual fiddly pain in the **** bit. You'll be getting lots of emails soon. The emails should contain discount deals and coupons. That is what they say.

They also do free shipping on certain orders.

This is the page to go to.

Purina Beneful WagWorld Magazine

USA deal. Purina® Beneful® are offering their magazine WagWorld® (guide to good living) in hard copy for free - a free subscription. You can subscribe on their website and at the same time you can opt in for future promotions by email.

Click to go to form.

Eukanuba 110% Guarantee

USA promotion. This is a very subtle indirect promotion from a very confident pet food manufacturer.

If after 28 days you are not satisfied with the dog food (correction -- your cat is not satisfied) you can apply to receive a 100% rebate. In other words you get your money back plus 10% of the cost of the dog food.

Another interesting thing is that you go to their Facebook page to participate. I will leave you to work through it! You will have to sign up and submit a story as far as I can tell.

Tesco Dog Food Introductory Offer

This is a UK promotion. Tesco are a very large international supermarket with an excellent online presence. They often provide discounts so it pays to visit their website from time to time.

This is an introductory offer for Lathams Adult dog food. There are four offers and it expires on 10th July 2011.

This is the page to go to.

Tesco dog food offer

Saturday, 2 July 2011

PETCO 4th July 20% Discounts

USA promotion. PETCO® are offering a 20% discount on all products on their website subject to a couple of restrictions:
  1. Food and litter up to 10% discount.
  2. Products quoted as being at manufacturer's minimum price are excluded.
Ends at end of 4th July as far as I can see. This is the page.

PETCO Free Samples Printable Coupon

PETCO® are offering a variety of discounts as the 4th July celebrations approach. One is a printable coupon with a maximum value of $1.09 that allows you to get a a free 3 oz. can of Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food or Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Cat Food. The coupon is presented with a PALS card to receive the offer. It excludes Fancy Feast Appetizers and Variety Packs.

This is the page to go to (the page show other offers too). Click on the link just below the coupon to print it.

Tesco Direct eCoupon Codes

UK promotion that ends 4th July 2011. One, or perhaps two, of these coupons are indirectly beneficial to pet owners. One of the eCoupons gives a £5 discount on floor care! Well we know how messy our cats can be when eating. Plenty of floor care is needed:). Coupon code: TD-HMLP. Quote this at checkout (online).

Please go to this page for the coupon and the other ones.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Hartz Crunch 'n Clean Printable Coupon

USA coupon. Hartz Crunch 'n Clean $1 printable coupon for dog biscuits. All coupons are time sensitive so this might not be around by the time you get to this page.

Go to this page, please.

NEW Halo Spot's Stew cat food Printable coupon

USA promotion. Grain free Spot's Stew bags for cats are subject to a $2.50 printable coupon. This is a new product. Grain is used in dry cat food to add starch which is required by the manufacturing process. It has no benefit for the cat. In fact it is detrimental to the cat. Check the ingredients, though, as manufacturers substitute grain for some other food stuff that contains carbohydrates, such as potato. I am not saying that this product contains starch that is unhealthy to the cat  - just check please.

This coupon is one of a number on this page. Expires 15th July 2011.

Halo $2 off any grooming product

USA promotion. Another Halo PURELY FOR PETS® coupon.  The coupon is worth $2 off any grooming product. It is a printable coupon. Make sure you print the actual coupon. Click on the coupon and your printer software will start up. Print and take the coupon to your local store. Genuine coupon and it expires 15th July 2011 as far as I can tell. Get moving. This is the page to see the coupon.

Halo Printable Coupon. Go to the coupon. Don't print the above.

Halo Spot's Stew Printable Coupon

USA product promotion. Printable coupon worth $1 for Halo Spot's Stew. One coupon per person. Print the coupon (not the page) and bring it to the store for that discount. This is the page for the Halo printable coupon. Hurry this is a genuine coupon and they are time sensitive. Expires July 15th 2011 as far as I can see.

Halo Printable Coupons

USA promo. As at the date of this blog post, Halo PURELY FOR PETS® are offering a range of printable coupons on their products. On this page they have a coupon that provides $1.50 off any jar of Live-Littles treats (jars only, not pouches) - one coupon per person.

You must print the coupon not the page where the coupon is, please note. This is the page to go to for this offer. You print the coupon and bring it to your local retailer of Halo pet food.

Nutricat Cat Food Discounts

UK promotion. People who need to buy cat food in relatively large quantities (say feeding two or more cats) on a regular basis, should consider buying online from Tesco. There are always discounts on. An example at the date of this blog would be Nutricat Cat Adult Chicken introductory offer.

Tesco Cat Food Discounts
The savings on the discounts more than cover the cost of delivery (about £5). This is the page at the date of this post. This will change daily I suspect.