Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Friskies Nine Lives Coupons

"In the past few weeks I've used 8-9 $1 Friskies coupons, just printed one from this email and have 4-5 more that I've gotten in food. Pass the info on if you like."

This is advice from Bob Tucker a friend, cat rescuer and contributor to my website, which I am passing on. You have to sign up to the 9Lives® cat food newsletter:
Friskies Nine Lives Coupon
From time to time 9Lives® do promotions. You can be notified of these plus updates if you subscribe to their newsletter. This is the reason why they do the promotion and provide the coupons. You can see the request to subscribe on this screenshot:

You can sign up on this page. There may not be any coupons available at the time of this post but no doubt some will be available in the future. Good luck.

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