Thursday, 30 June 2011

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild® are running a promotion. It's pot luck as you complete a feedback form and then get pulled out of a hat. Simple. The prize is an 18lb bag of pet food. This is good pet food though and it won't take more than 30 seconds to complete the form which you can see here. Don't forget to check the promotion rules. There is a link to them on the page.

Note: this is a sign up form in disguise so expect to receive emails.....!

Wagg Pet Food Prize

This is a UK promo. It is a competition, yes, but the competition is just three multiple answer questions so it is more about pot luck than a competition as the questions are easy and about Oscar - the answers are on their website.

The prize, though, is big - a win a full year’s supply of Wagg dog food, or a case of tasty Wagg dog treats. It is the "or" that makes me a bit nervous because a case of treats is not a years supply of dog food so I expect the winner gets the treats!

Purina Free Sample

British Promo. Purina ONE® offer a free sample as a reward for signing up to their newsletter. The sample is a 50g packet of Purina ONE Adult with Chicken & Rice. Anything free is worth considering even if you do have to sign up - not quite free in that case!

This is the promo page and sign up.

Iams Free Dog Food

Iams had a free cat food deal recently. This is the free dog food version as at the date of this post. I guess you will have to move fast as these deals are pulled fairly quickly often.

This is the page to go to to download the form.

Free Dog Food

Royal Canin Three for Two

UK promotion. At Pets at Home, Royal Canin are offering three for two to online shoppers of cat food. There are a good number of products that are under offer.

Plus there is free delivery on orders over £29. Sounds good to me.

3 for 2 discounts at Pets at Home

This is the page to go to.

Cheapest Cat Food UK

In my personal experience the way to make the best savings on cat food in the UK is to buy online from a huge supermarket with bulk buying power and Tesco is one such supermarket.

You can get cat food much cheaper online from Tesco and as it is heavy it is pleasant to get it delivered to your door. The delivery charge is more than made up by the discounts that are constantly available.

Of course you have to sign up etc. but it is worth it.

This is the pet food page at Tesco.

Exotic Bird Food Discounts

No...I can't ignore our feathered friends. Windy City Parrot (presumed in Chicago) have a 15% discount, no coupon needed, off all products and free shipping on orders of $60 or more.

This is the page to go to.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nutro Natural Choice Coupon

Red Plum are offering a Nutro® Natural Choice® Coupon. Not sure how this works to be honest! On their website Nutro® are not offering this. Anyway..

This is the page on the Red Plum website. Good luck in printing the coupon and making it work.


Purina Alpo Printable Coupons

Your Purina® Alpo coupons are waiting to be printed as at the date of this blog! Follow the instructions on this page. Not sure when this promo terminates. Thought: can you print off more than one coupon and get more discount? Not sure. Is that wrong?!

Alpo coupon

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

PETSMART ExquisiCat Litter Gift Card

This is a USA deal. ExquisiCat® Litter is sold "exclusively" at Petsmart as far as I can tell. Anyway Petsmart have a nice discount promo going on in relation to this litter. You have to purchase $25 of ExquisiCat Litter whereupon you can apply, using this form, for a $25 gift card. This nice deal expired on 21st August 2011. The form is downloaded, completed, printed and sent in mail - old fashioned but effective.

Atkle Veterinary Care Coupons

Atkle Veterinary Care Coupons follow what seems to be the veterinary business standard namely a new client coupon for $10 off first visit and a "refer a friend" gift coupon at the same value of $10. Expires 31st July, the coupon says. But there is no date on the coupon so I expect the same coupons to become available year on year. Not sure when the promo starts.

This is the page to go to.

Bay Country Veterinary Hospital Coupon

Bay Country Veterinary Hospital Coupon provides a $10 off the first visit.

You can see the coupon on this page. The coupon is printable and should be brought to the first visit. It cannot be used with other offers or in relation to past visits.

Address is: 1197 Generals Highway, Crownsville, MD 21032
410.923.3040 · 410.987.4242

Altamonte Veterinary Hospitals Coupons

Altamonte Veterinary Hospitals

Here are some more veterinary coupons. Altamonte Veterinary Hospitals offer valuable coupons that people should take note of.  You can see them on this page.

New clients get a free examination to the value of $60. You enter code FIRSTFREE.

There is also a $70 coupon for dental work - great savings. This veterinary hospital clearly value their clients sticking around. Enter code: DENTAL70.

Their third coupon (as at the date of this blog) relates to heartworm preventatives. The coupon code is HEARTWORM10.

These conditions are mainstream so these veterinary coupons are very useful.

Go to this page to explore and get those savings.

Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic Coupon

Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic is on Oregon, USA. They offer two coupons. One worth $15 for new customers and one worth $10 if an exiting customer refers a new customer to lake Grove Veterinary Clinic. That means a new customer who had just signed up could then refer a friend and save $25 altogether off a service or product at the clinic.

Veterinary Coupon - don't print this - go to their site.

That is good couponing! The address is:

Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic
17131 SW Boones Ferry Rd
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(503) 636-5681

Obviously vet coupons are dependent on your location.

Monday, 27 June 2011 Coupon

This appears to be a UK promo. There are plenty of gorgeous cat and dog posters at There is on day left on their promotion which ends on 29th July midday local time.

There are restrictions to the discount. Use Code: TRAVEL22. Terms and conditions

Go to the website.

KOHL'S Free shipping promo

Free standard shipping on orders at and over $75. Enter Promo Code SHOPNSHIP at checkout. Offer expires July 10th 2011 so get your skates on and spend....

This page provides full details.

KOHL'S cash coupon on every $50 order

KOHL'S sell pet products so their promo falls within the ambit of this website. This is a nice promo I think. For every $50 spent you receive a $10 cash coupon (this is not a cash back). Go spend...The full details are on this page. Coupons redeemable in store and online 3rd to 17th July. See also KOHL'S home page.

BORDERS buy one get 50% of other purchase

As at date of blog -- Nice BORDERS promo - promo code BOGO applies to all paperbacks. They have a great selection of books on pets. This page shows the search results for books about dogs. At the top of the page just under the header you see the link to the promo.

BORDERS - photo by doortoriver

THE HOME DEPOT free shipping

As at the date of this blog there is free shipping on large "select" orders of more than $249. THE HOME DEPOT sell a wide range of pet products some of which are individually over $249.

This is the page that tells us of free shipping.

The Goodlife Recipe Sign Up Deals

Inline with just about all other pet food manufacturers if you scratch their back they will scratch sign up and you receive by email the latest offers coupons, promotions bla bla bla yadah....go on try'll have a very full inbox.

Sign up using this form.

The Goodlife Recipe Promotion

As at the date of this post there is The Goodlife Recipe® Promotion that saves you "up to" $2. You select from one of two types of cat food and save $1 on that bag - indicating that you actually save $1 but I am not sure.

You have to enter your email address too, so that means registering in some shape or form.

This is the page to go to.

Schmackos Coupons

First you have got to go to this website to visit Schmackoville™ just to be entertained! Be patient as it takes an age to load but sit back and enjoy (you'll need a modern computer I reckon). If you sign up to the Schmackos newsletter you might - just might- receive one of those elusive discount deals or even more elusive coupons.

Schmackoland - Schmackoville™

This is the page to go to.

Zooplus coupons and vouchers

We are in the UK here...Inline with what happens at pet product manufacturer's websites, if and when you sign up to the newsletter you can claim a 5% discount and you will receive "exclusive coupons and vouchers, just for our readers..."  Double whammy n'est-ce pas?

Well make of that what you wish but this is the registration page. Good luck.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

50% off your first Whiskas® Kitten Pouches purchase

You gotta sign up to get this Whiskas® offer - normal business practice...This is the sign up page. You get 50% of the first purchase. You are going to have a busy email inbox....

Pets at Home Two 12 Packs of Felix for £5

This link takes you to a promotion under which you can buy two 12 packs of Felix cat food for £5. Applies to selected packs.

Meow Mix Promotions

Meow Mix® offer promotions through coupons if and when you sign up...surprised! This is the page where you can sign up. There are no coupons at the time of this post, though.

PetFoodDirect Coupon Code

PetFoodDirect coupon code JUNE15 provides for a 15% discount on orders as at the date of this post. There are some exclusions - free shipping items, vet diet and rx.

Go here (home page). Link just below header on site.

PETSMART $3 Coupon

PETSMART are offering a $3 coupon one bag of Purina® Pro Plan® cat or dog food as at the date of this post. Once again the trade off is to sign up or sign in to their PetPerks programme.

This is the page to sign in or up and to get the elusive coupon!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Canine Caviar Coupon

At the date of this post, sign up (as usual) and get an introductory coupon worth $4 on a 30lb bag. That is a large bag but...your dog might like it and you will certainly like saving $4.

This is the page.

Canine Caviar coupon
Canine Caviar Coupon

PetCareRx Points

Sign up (don't you always) and get one point for every dollar spent. What is the value of a point?

100 PetCareRx Points are worth $5 to apply against your future orders. Click here to go to the page.

Petcarerx points rewards

Gourmet Diamond Promotion

A new twist on the registration promo theme. You have to sign up or sign in and buy GOURMET promotional multipack and enter the code on the box to have the chance to win a $1000 diamond pendant. GOURMET are also running a $20k diamond competition and you can see both on this page.

Hill's Voucher £5 Off

UK promotion. Register with Hill's and get an instantly redeemable £5 voucher plus a chance to win a year's free food.

This is the registration page.

There will always be some form of trade off and registration of some sort is the current theme.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Pets Hotel and Doggie Day Camp Coupons

Not sure if these really are coupons or just a promo type package - who cares! The idea is that the company provide dog treats at a supposed discount when you buy into Doggie Day CampSM or PetsHotel®.

This is the page.

PetsHotel Coupon

Petland Coupon

There is a downloadable Petland coupon worth $5 on the home page. It comes up in a slide show so is transient.

Petland Coupon

You can click on this link to get it. It downloads as a PDF file which can be printed out. The Petland Coupon is for use with regularly priced products and cannot be combined with other discounts. The offer expires 30th September 2011 so plenty of time. For purchases over $25.

Pets at Home Voucher

When you sign up to pet insurance through Pets at Home you get a voucher worth £20. Obviously you have to be in the mood to insure your cat or dog but if you are you might consider this offer as the insurance could be as good as any other on the market.

Pets at Home Voucher

Pets at Home

We are back in Britain (UK) for this discount offer. As usual there is a trade off  - nothing is for free. You sign up to the Pets at Home newsletter and get 10% of your order. Plus you get free standard delivery on orders over £29 (i.e. min order of £30).

This is the page.

Global Pet Foods Coupon

We are in Canada for this coupon! If you text "foodie" to tel 95871 you get a pet coupon to the value of 20% off.

This is attached to a contest that expires on July 2nd 2011. It seems that the coupon is not dependent on entering the competition.

This is the page.

Chemist Direct Pet Clearance

UK products. This is Chemist Direct pet clearance page. There are some great deals for Brits. A good example of the savings possible is the Staywell 730 Pet Door Brown that is reduced to £5.99 from a RRP of £18.16. Massive savings.

Or the Ancol Simply Glamour Padded Harness Small 3-4 at a meager £2.99 from a RRP of £12.60. Massive savings if you take time to search. Over 75% discount in savings.

Chemist Direct Offers

Inline with other online retailers wherever they are Chemist Direct provide offers and special offers, promotions, new products and discounts if you subscribe to their email newsletters.

Chemist Direct has a pet section.

Zooplus Welcome Coupon

This is the UK. A lot of the coupons are part of the USA shopping scene. are offering a 10% welcome coupon for first time orders on their website.

I guess that you can add that to the ongoing discounts of up to 50% that can be found on their clearance sale page that contains for example:
  • Cat Tree Outdoor II Brown Huge Savings!

There are some huge savings to be had on and you don't have to pay now but in full in 6 months without any interest charges. I am talking about Treats and Bowls.

One example is Select Grille Rawhide Pressed Bone which can be bought at a price reduction of 75% (three quarters off). The product gets 19 four star ratings as well. This is the page. It is live as at the date of this post.

Pet Food Direct Savings Today Only?

Pet Food Direct are offering 15% discounts today (date of post), code NOW15, on a range of products including: Before Grain Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food ''1''.

This is the page. But you have to get your skates on! This is their clearance shop. I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow?! I would not be surprised if it was.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hill's Coupons and Promotions

Like all or many pet food manufacturers Hill's® do coupons and promotions and this page of their website sets out a group of products that are at a discount as at the date of this post.

There are a number of good savings including saving $7 on Prescription Diet® w/d® or r/d® dry dog food. You can also save $6 when buying  Hill's® z/d®, d/d® or Hypoallergenic Treats.

Hill's special offers
Hill's special offers


When you sign up to the MY NUTRO REWARDS™ program you get an immediate reward - a $10 coupon!

This is the page where you complete the form to sign up. The coupon is downloadable.

Nutro Natural Choice Printable Dog Food Coupon

You qualify for a $4 coupon for Nutro® Natural Choice® dog food when you sign up to their Facebook page.

There are two basic ways, currently, to obtain pet coupons from manufacturers and retailers: sign up to their newsletter or sign up to their Facebook page. Both benefit the manufacturer or retailer. It is trade off.

This is the page for the coupon.

Whiskas Offers and Coupons

Obviously these Whiskas offers and coupons are time sensitive. As at the date of this post Whiskas (parent company Mars) are offering two ways to save money.

In one you receive one tray entrée free if you buy six (these are semi-moist cat foods) and in the other you can save one dollar on "any of our other Purrfectly® or Whiskas® Dry Entrées" (these are dry and wet cat foods). Dry cat food by itself is no a good diet.

It appears that you select one or the other.

whiskas cat food coupon deals
Whiskas cat food deals

This is the page to go to for these deals.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Free Cat Adoption at Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

Well, not a coupon experience at all but something actually far more profound and important. Rohnert Park Animal Shelter are not charging their usual $95 adoption fee for cats that are over three years old.

It applies for this weekend only as far as I can see. This is their page.

Opening hours: Saturday from 1 p.m.-5:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1-4:30 p.m.

The shelter is here:

View Larger Map

PETSMART Future Coupons

In typical style for coupon hunters, if you sign up to Petsmart's newsletter you may and probably will receive coupons as well as news.

This is the sign up page.


PETSMART coupons. At the date of this post some have expired but some are still valid. Free session of doggie day camp is valid until August 14th 2011. They are are on this page.

The other coupon is 15% off on "general merchandise purchase and which is valid until 30th June 2011.

petsmart coupon

Pet Supermarket Promotion Codes

PET SUPERMARKET® is a UK based company. In the UK the word "coupon" is hardly used. Certainly not be me! In this instance the same policy applies as in the US, however. "Coupon codes" become "promotion codes" and to way to get them is to sign up (as usual) for the company's PET CLUB.

There are other advantages such as free delivery on goods valued over £29 from their super saver service.

You can read about it on this page and sign up by clicking on the "Sign Up" image link.

Coupon Share

I am sure that there are many places where people can share their information about coupons that they have found; and they can be elusive....This one is on the website. This is the page where you can complete a form and share.

Why would you share though? If everyone shared it would hurt the people who knew the most because coupons are probably limited in quantity (wrong?) and certainly in time. It is competitive out there.

Target Printable Coupons

At the date of this post there are printable coupons on the Target website on this page for 11-oz. Beneful Snackin Slices dog treats, Buy Two, Get One FREE 10-oz. Beneful Prepared Meals wet dog food, 3.5-lb. or larger Beneful dry dog food....Probably vet time sensitive so get your skates on.

Wellness Natural Food for Pets Coupons

Once again the trade off for receiving pet coupons is signing up to the manufacturer's newsletter. If you do you will receive latest news "as well as coupons for our natural pet food.." so say Wellness. You have it from the horses mouth. This link takes you to the registration form. I know it means one more email in your inbox but that is the price to pay!

ASPCA Free Pet Safety Pack

Not a pet coupon but the same principle, getting something cheaper or for free. In this case the ASPCA Pet Safety Pack is free. Well almost. You have to give up a bit of your time to complete a registration form.

This pack is useful I think. It contains a decal to say pets are in your home to notify rescue personnel in the event of an emergency and ASPCA information on a magnet for easy access.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

PETCO Coupon Code

This PETCO coupon code expires on the 12/31/11. That is a long time off. And it has a good rating on deals plus. Although restrictions do apply (don't they always....!) you get 10% off online orders and no minimum purchase. I am guessing the restrictions will limit the effectiveness of this coupon code. The code is mevio10

PETCO Newsletter Subscriber Discounts

Inline with other pet product retailers PETCO will provide discounts on products to people who subscribe to their newsletter. This is the benefit for the business  - to have a captive audience for their promotional releases. All discounts are designed to benefit the business providing the discount. Please remember that.

PETCO Coupons

PETCO have a page on their site for coupons. The link to the page is on the top of their site. The page covers all discount deals of whatever kind. Cat tick and flea treatments are up to 20% off - free shipping. The free shipping is not stated as being a separate promo to the "up to 20% off".

Petco Shipping Promotion

This is a one day wonder - one day left to run! Once again it is free shipping on orders but the threshold is quite low at $49. Or you can get $5.99 flat rate charge. Not bad. The coupon or promotion code is 72hour49ext and it exprires on 06/23/2011. This is the page.

Greg Robert Pet Supplies Coupon

As at the date of this post there is a Greg Robert Pet Supplies coupon code "freeship" that applies to free shipping on orders over $100 subject to certain additional costs on certain items - see terms.

If you sign up to the Greg Robert Pet Supplies newsletter you will receive pet coupons and news: GRPet coupons, GregRobert Coupons.

Friskies Nine Lives Coupons

"In the past few weeks I've used 8-9 $1 Friskies coupons, just printed one from this email and have 4-5 more that I've gotten in food. Pass the info on if you like."

This is advice from Bob Tucker a friend, cat rescuer and contributor to my website, which I am passing on. You have to sign up to the 9Lives® cat food newsletter:
Friskies Nine Lives Coupon
From time to time 9Lives® do promotions. You can be notified of these plus updates if you subscribe to their newsletter. This is the reason why they do the promotion and provide the coupons. You can see the request to subscribe on this screenshot:

You can sign up on this page. There may not be any coupons available at the time of this post but no doubt some will be available in the future. Good luck.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Royal Canin Coupon Voucher

This is a new one. You can get your hands on a Royal Canin voucher by going to their website - this page - and clicking on the Facebook "like-button". When you do that the voucher comes in to focus. And then you sign up to the Royal Canin Facebook community at which point you can get your precious £5 voucher!

As I have said in the past on a few occasions companies giving out vouchers always want something from the person seeking the voucher. This is because the whole coupon game ultimately in the long term benefits the manufacturer more than the consumer.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Petco Coupons

Petco Coupons – Save 10% with our Petco Coupon Codes. Yes this might still be live at the date of this post. You can see it on this page. The coupon code ANJI. Quote at checkout. Get 10% off plus free shipping on orders over $65.

Only Natural Pet Store coupon

I searched for an Only Natural Pet Store coupon on their website and it failed to bring up a coupon!

So that did not work. It seems to me that the best way to get your hands on an Only Natural Pet Store coupon is to subscribe to their newsletter.

Their coupon announces sale items and provides coupons from time to time. This may be the way to go.

This is the page where you can subscribe to their newsletter. You know you have to give the business something in return for those precious and elusive coupons.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Iams Free Cat Food

At the date of this post Iams are offering a free bag of cat food (dry food). You have to buy a bag of cat food that is at least 1.8lbs and print and complete a form (certificate) and send it to them with the certificate plus the original UPC from the package plus the original sales receipt (dates between 1st Feb 2011 and 30th June 2011 - get your skates on....)

This is the link

Hope this helps.

Pet Food Direct Coupon Codes

Ahmmm....I have found some coupon codes at Pet Food Direct.

Well what can I say. Just click on this link to get these codes. They are PETS8, PETS20 and PETS30.

Pet Care RX coupon codes

You don't think you can get pet care rx coupon codes for free do you! Look guys if you get a deal from any business online there has to be something in it for the business because that is the reason why the deal exists.

Pet care rx coupon codes do just that. You go to their site to find coupon codes and nothing shows. If you register with the business and refer a person to register as well you get a discount of $10 off the next order but I am not sure if that is tracked accurately.

This is a commercial site and everything is done to get you to buy.

If you go to RetailMeNot and click on one of the pet care rx coupon codes you go to the pet care rx website. You can copy the code.

As at the date of this blog there is glimmer of light!

Yep a coupon...for $5. You can see it on this page and I will leave it to you to see if you can get your hands on the bloody thing...

Entirely pet coupon codes

There is a page on the Entirely Pets website where they list their current coupon codes.

Go the Entirely Pets coupon page

For example code: AMZN8734 relates to free shipping on orders over $25. Why do you need a coupon for that?

Online pet food coupons

Online pet food coupons...Where are these coupons? I am not sure about this coupon business, chasing mythical coupons that come and go in the blink of an eye..

There is one place though where you might consider getting some online pet food coupons and that is the coupons that are being given up by people who have collected them and decided to stop.

OK you will have to bid for them but if the coupons are valid and if the successful bid and postage is less than the value of the coupons you are in profit!

That is if you exclude the cost to you of all the work needed to acquire these coupons! And that is another story. See extreme couponing.

Go to Ebay search results for pet food coupons - you decide.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Cats Pride Save One Dollar

Cats Pride -- At the time of this post if you go to this page and join the club (don't you always) you get a one dollar discount.

Hills Five Pounds Off Voucher

On this page as at the date of this post you can get a Hills voucher that is worth £5. Of course you have to register. There is always going to be a downside.