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Extreme Couponing

What is extreme couponing?

Extreme couponing is what it says it is. You take the idea of saving money using discount coupons to the extreme. You are a super couponer saving hundreds of dollars. It is a pastime that is rising in popularity at the date of this post due to budgetary demands. Done successfully it can change lives leaving people to do things that they would otherwise not have the means to pursue. You spend a lot of time in searching for coupons, however. And you have to go to extremes to find those coupons. (see video below). The rewards can be high (160 dollar grocery bill for 42 cents!).

Extreme couponing entails not only searching on the ground for coupons in for example local newspapers, but going on the internet to the major coupon sites and blogs and Facebook discussion forums to find those precious deals. is on Facebook.

By its nature it also entails stockpiling products. This is because coupon deals are time sensitive. You have to seize the moment and take advantage as and when you can. This results in stockpiling. Obviously the stockpiled products have to be dry goods of other such products with a long shelf life. You also need the room (a room!) to stockpile the goods.

For the extreme couponer it is necessary to try and keep a level head. The addictive nature of saving money can lead to buying products that are not actually required. The family has to need to use the products.

Stockpiled products are sometimes given away or the couponer opens the stockpile to friends as a kind of discount store.

You save money by spending money. The more you spend the more you save. Is this a good idea? I'll leave you to decide that.

There is the effort and time involved. Some extreme couponers don't factor in the time spent organising the whole thing. An experienced couponer spends 40 mins a week searching and organising. There needs to be a balance between time spent and savings gained. Maybe time is unimportant. But you could say that if the extreme couponer spent the time managing their extreme couponing earning money doing something that they enjoyed such as building a successful website they might end up better off financially.

Extreme couponing is essentially a US phenomenon. In the UK they are usually called "vouchers".

Extreme Couponing Tips
  • It doesn't just apply to the grocery store.
  • If there is a good deal, stockpile.
  • Combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons where possible ("stacking coupons").
  • Hold back using a coupon (subject to time limits) and use when the product is on sale as well.
  • Buy a local Sunday newspaper and extra copies - the savings cover the cost.
  • Overheads in organising extreme couponing should be taken into account and set against the savings.
  • Remember that in an open and free market the true value of goods is what the seller sells for discounted or otherwise. Seek out the true bargains.
  • Carry your store's coupon policy in case there is a dispute about the use of the coupons.
  • Wait for the best deals.
  • Be organized.
  • Check if a local store doubles or triples coupons.
  • Start with a fixed set of products and see how much can be saved.
  • Combine sales and promotions coupons.
  • Email the manufacturer praising their product. This can lead to a coupon being sent.
  • Use coupons that print with your register receipt.
Extreme Couponing TLC

A section of the TLC website dedicated to extreme couponing. TLC is a sbudomain on the domain.


UK site. You can download updates from their website. I am not allowed to link to the site.

How To Start Extreme Couponing

 Get those coupons! Online or in papers. See tips above.

Extreme Couponing Videos

There are many. Here is a selection.

Links to videos on YouTube:

Extreme Couponing Forums and Resources - cut your grocery bill in half.

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